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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Become Happier By Choosing your Thoughts Consciously

Become Happier By Choosing your Thoughts Consciously by Heather Havey

The mind is designed to take care of us. It collects data and then reminds us of this data through random, rapid thoughts and mental images. This ability is such a miraculous gift, and it allows us to operate intelligently and successfully in our lives.

However, please keep in mind that our brain is a 3-pound lump of cells. It easily mis-perceives and misinterprets data. When this happens, especially when it perceives life from a lens of insecure beliefs, then we can be tormented and we can suffer the effects of what many spiritual practitioners call the "monkey mind." Every being in existence experiences this most of their lives. We tend to trust and believe our thoughts blindly, and as a result we react to them all the time.

Meditation and taking silent, peaceful times each day are invaluable tools because they bring us enhanced space with which to observe our thoughts. One additional tool that we can practice is a variation of meditation. This practice is simple: Observe how our thoughts make us feel.

If a thought makes you suffer - if it gives you negative emotions such as doubt, anger, sadness, jealousy, and so on - then the thought is one that is based upon limited perceptions and often false beliefs that we have accepted as true. Bryon Katie once brilliantly said, "When a thought hurts, that's the signal that it isn't true."

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Take the Power back: Choose Life and Health

Take the Power back: Choose Life and Health by Heather Havey, M.A.

Because our population is exploding, and our earth is heating up...Because developers are cutting down every stand of trees and replacing them with parking lots, stores, lawns, and oversized homes...Because we are in trouble...

1. Plant lots of trees.

Plant a tree each week for the rest of your life. Give them as gifts. Trees shade and cool the earth, give us the oxygen we breathe, add beauty, provide animal habitat, and so much more.

2. Grow your own food or buy local.

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