Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Text of this ecard written by Heather Havey, as a prayer for you all:
May we experience delight, joy, astonishment, mystery, & beauty, for these fill hearts with peace. these are gifts & examples of nature - God as form.

May we experience love & care -
these are gifts & examples of essence - God as formless.

Earth is a mirror of God; so are you.

May we listen to rivers, thank oceans, learn from animals, play with dogs, swim with fishes, serve birds, behold wilderness, feel wind, plant trees, grow food, watch life grow, replace lawn with wildflower & garden habitats, honor organic, choose no poison, build bat & bee homes, encounter willdness, remember the miracles & beauty of all forms, & enjoy the silence that designs & guides it all.
All life is sacred, including you.
~ Lalita (Heather Havey)

© 2004-2009 Peace Through Kindness

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